Dispute Resolution Processes

Dispute/Complaint Resolution Processes

Disputes/complaints regarding the RCF may arise among users or between the RCF staff and users. Any party to the dispute/complaint may bring the matter before the FAC. The FAC shall gather information from all involved and make recommendations on the matter to the appropriate AVPR for a decision. Appeals by the parties involved may be made to the Vice President for Research & Innovation for final decision only after review and decision by the AVPR.

Conflicting perspectives may also arise regarding the facility operation that cannot be resolved through regular discussion between the Director/Manager and the FAC. Whenever possible, such differences in perspectives regarding facility operation should be resolved via the joint interaction and mutual discussion among the Director/Manager and the FAC.  If any differences cannot be resolved, the AVPR will facilitate further discussion between the Director/Manager and the FAC in order to resolve conflicts.  In cases in which a conflict cannot be resolved in this manner, the AVPR is responsible for the final operational decision. Conflicts regarding financial and/or animal care or human subject matters may be encountered infrequently that are covered by university policies or state or federal regulations that mandate specific actions and make it inappropriate to consult with the executive committee, and thus are the AVPR’s responsibility.