RCF Task Force

In early 2018, the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation asked all Research Core Facilities to develop their own strategic plans with their Faculty Advisory Committees (FACs). A taskforce of faculty and RCF Directors was charged with examining strategic plans developed with their FACs and developing recommendations to enhance research excellence and productivity through these facilities. The taskforce was charged with developing a report that made recommendations about how to best:

  1. Establish plans and mechanisms that ensure that UO’s research core facilities attain and maintain cutting-edge facilities to support research.
  2. Refine or define cost-effective and efficient business approaches that maximize support for research, ensure compliance to federal regulations and are based upon transparent mechanisms for resource allocation.
  3. Anticipate and plan for expansion of research core facilities through the Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact and across the UO campus.

The taskforce conducted a thorough analysis of the ways in which facilities are managed and supported, and offered insightful recommendations on ways to enhance and sustain the RCFs in the Research Core Facility (RCF) Taskforce Analysis and Recommendations.

Visit this site for future updates on the implementation of the taskforce plan and the implementation of strategic plans for RCFs.


Letter from Dr. Conover: Report of the Research Core Facilities Task Force