Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Planning Process

The FAC canvases or surveys users to get input on campus research and innovation needs related to the RCF.

FAC considers campus input in light of:

  • Federal funding trends and opportunities
  • Facility use
  • RCF budget, revenue, and costs
  • Opportunities for local, state, and national impact and service.

The FAC Chair makes recommendations to AVPR regarding equipment, service and product needs or changes (e.g., augmentation, reduction, addition or termination). The Chair, Director/Manager, AVPR and RFD work together to examine feasibility, and if promising, jointly develop a concomitant work and/or business plan for acquisition and ongoing operation and maintenance, with the assistance of the Identified Business Manager. This material will then be included in the annual RCF review documents for consideration and review the subsequent annual review process.

If grant or development opportunities are to be pursued to secure funds for RCF equipment, typically the Chair (or designee) will lead or coordinate efforts to develop the proposal, working with the pertinent VPRI staff (e.g., Research Development Services, Development Officer, SPA) and Identified Business Manager on any needed financial information.

If RCF services are to be substantively reduced or terminated, the FAC is responsible to communicate prospectively to campus constituents the nature, timing, and rationale for the approved changes.